"The Master Debriefer Course was a life changing experience.  You gave me the tools and skills I need to be more effective in facilitation of debriefings, thus allowing the participants to gain more from simulation.  It is near impossible to pick what I enjoyed most, but your consistent modelling in your interactions with us is near the top of the list.  You rocked the online format.  I can't thank you enough!"

Sarah Shea, RN
Assistant Nurse Manager, Paediatric Intensive Care,
McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Canada

"Thank you so much for such a great course!  I was so impressed at the expertise of the panel, and that they were so accessible during the online breakout sessions.  I also really appreciated how the team "walked the talk" in terms of ensuring psychological safety in the sessions and making everyone feel included.  Thanks for the wonderful experience ... truly one of the best courses I've ever attended."

Rowan Walmsley, MD
Palliative Medicine Consultant,
Northumbria Healthcare, NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

"The Master Debriefer Course is the most finessed and informative course I have ever attended!  Since day one of the course, I had many 'lightbulb' moments .... these will not only enhance my own personal development, but will be invaluable for mentorship of my faculty.  They provide impeccable knowledge and tools, while reducing my fears (and anxiety) with incredible friendliness and support.  Their team is amazing!"

Jenny Hough, RN
Resuscitation Coordinator and Clinical Nurse Educator,
The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

"This was hands down the best debriefing course I have ever attended!  What I loved most about the course was not just the amazing faculty with their incredible breadth and depth of experience, but also the generous sharing among the participants who came from a diverse range of disciplines .  The venue and meals were excellent ... I highly recommend this course, it was definitely worth flying 13200 kilometres from Singapore to attend!!"

Shin Yuet Chong, MD
Anesthesiologist and Simulation Educator,
Duke NUS Academic Medical Centre, Singapore

"The Master Debriefer Course provides a unique balance of refining existing skills and teaching new approaches to debriefing.  The course offers a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and a great balance of didactic content and experiential opportunities.  One of the greatest strengths of this course is the space (emotional and cognitive) the expert faculty provided the learners during practice sessions.  I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their debriefing skills!!"

Michelle Brown, PhD
Program Director, Healthcare Simulation, School of Health Professions,
The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

"This was one of the most beneficial debriefing courses I have attended!  The faculty are incredibly knowledgeable and approachable, and really create an awesome learning environment ... I recommend this course to all healthcare professionals responsible for debriefing simulations or actual clinical events."

Lynda Knight, RN
Director, Revive Initiative for Resuscitation Excellence,
Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, Palo Alto, California, USA

“They are masterful at supporting your learning with tools and cognitive aids that will translate to personal improvements. We love the tools so much that they are now used to support faculty development in our simulation program. The approach they take to teaching is interactive, engaging, and highly innovative. One of the best investments you can make for any healthcare or simulation program looking to improve the quality of debriefing within their organization!”

Karen Schafer, RN
Regional Manager,
Simulation Strategy, Coastal Simulation Program Lion’s Gate Hospital, Vancouver, Canada

“With their guidance, I was able to consistently find the language needed to manage some of the more challenging group debriefings. They do a fantastic job of breaking down complex challenges into simple concepts, while providing facilitators various opportunities to apply and master advanced debriefing techniques. I highly recommend learning from this group – they are outstanding!”

Jaime Gallaher, RN
Clinical Educator,
Vancouver Coastal Health Vancouver, Canada

“Amazing content. The faculty are simply fantastic … they offer a great structured approach to debriefing using a blended methods approach that emphasizes adaptability. These methods will provide the foundation required to jumpstart debriefings in your simulation program!”

Rick Gerein, MD
Emergency Physician and Simulation Director,
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, Canada

“They are global experts in debriefing. Their content ignited the development of a community of educators in our program that have since gone on to leverage debriefing conversations to support education throughout Saskatchewan!”

Brent Thoma, MD
Emergency Physician,
University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Canada

“This course has changed the way we debrief … not just in the simulation-based environment, but in the clinical environment as well. The techniques they teach keep paying dividends …. without a question one of the best investments we have made!”

Kish Lyster, MD
Medical Director,
Dilawri Simulation Centre Regina, Canada