Chad Epps Memorial Bursary

About the Bursary

Chad Epps (1972-2020) was an inspiring educator, a passionate mentor, an engaged collaborator and a beloved friend. To his learners, he was a knowledgeable mentor and guide, who was driven to ensure that his learners were comfortable, heard and validated. He had an uncanny ability to simplify complex topics to make them more approachable for his learners. To his fellow instructors, Chad was an amazing partner and friend. He was always present to support and elevate his team to make them the best that they could be. The Debriefing Academy team was lucky to have him as a valued collaborator and team member.

We are proud to announce the Chad Epps Memorial Bursary in memory of our dear colleague and friend. Chad strongly believed in the need to train and mentor the next generation of educators, independent of their background or profession. He took great interest in the professional development of learners at all levels. Chad also believed in the power of simulation to positively impact organizations, and was a living example of The Debriefing Academy’s motto of: Transform, Translate, Transcend.

The Chad Epps Memorial Bursary celebrates Chad’s legacy by offering 4 spots per year for learners to attend the Master Debriefer Course with free tuition. We hope this Bursary allows Chad’s spirit to live on with The Debriefing Academy as it strives to support learners along their journey towards excellence.

You are eligible to apply if you are:

1. From a low resource country; OR
2. A healthcare trainee; OR
3. A healthcare provider in your first 5 years of practice

How to apply:

Please send us a 1 page, single-spaced letter (as a PDF) that includes the following:

1. A description of your professional background and current role in simulation

2. Chad was a great mentor, and believed in the power of training the next generation of educators. Please describe how this course will help to further your career, and your plan to share your new knowledge and debriefing skills with others.

3. In his career, Chad was able to use simulation and debriefing to promote positive change within organizations. Please describe how you plan to leverage knowledge obtained in this course to maximize impact within your program and/or organization

Submission deadlines:

  • April 1, 2021
  • Oct 1, 2021