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"The Master Debriefer Course was a life changing experience.  You gave me the tools and skills I need to be more effective in facilitation of debriefings, thus allowing the participants to gain more from simulation.  It is near impossible to pick what I enjoyed most, but your consistent modelling in your interactions with us is near the top of the list.  You rocked the online format.  I can't thank you enough!"

Sarah Shea, RN

Assistant Nurse Manager, Paediatric Intensive Care, McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Canada

"Thank you so much for such a great course!  I was so impressed at the expertise of the panel, and that they were so accessible during the online breakout sessions.  I also really appreciated how the team "walked the talk" in terms of ensuring psychological safety in the sessions and making everyone feel included.  Thanks for the wonderful experience ... truly one of the best courses I've ever attended."

Rowan Walmsley, MD

Palliative Medicine Consultant, Northumbria Healthcare, NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

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